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Expert advice on taking a nma technical test and how to prepare for employers' reasoning tests.

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NMA Technical Test and how they work

This page should give you all the practice you need to prepare for the NMA Technical Trainee Aptitude Test. Performing your best in your Aptitude test is all about practice and knowing what to expect.

What you should know before taking your nma technical test

With thousands of job applicants to choose from, it is common for employers to use aptitude testing to sift the good candidates from the mediocre after they have accepted your CV or initial application form. If you pass the test larger employers tend to then invite you to an assessment centre. Often employers ask you to sit a repeat test at the assessment centre to verify that you are indeed the same person who scored that great score on the online test, so do not get your friends to help with your online test! The best way to familiarize yourself with these tests is to practice.

By taking practice tests you will become familiar with the question format enabling you to prepare better for the actual tests.

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